Our training sessions

We provide professional training sessions to our clients mainly in the international assignment field.

Being officially recorded as professional training organism (“organisme de formation”), we provide training sessions designed depending on our clients’ needs. The duration generally goes from half a day to two days.

Expatriation and secondment :

  • understanding and managing the legal, social and tax consequences.
  • assignment contracts, employment law.
  • social security aspects (relevant social security regime, territoriality, expatriate voluntary social security coverage, social security secondment, benefits).

Tax consequences of international assignments :

  • tax residency, international double tax agreements, taxation of salaries, tax consequences of the assignment on the employee and the employer.
Tax and social regime applicable to share employees schemes (stock options, RSU, etc.).

HR aspects :

  • aims of international mobility, calculating the remuneration package, international assignment policies, tax protection and equalization.

French employment rules regarding foreign companies sending employees on assignment to France.