Assisting employees on assignment

We assist employees on international assignment (expatriates, secondees) either from France or to France prior to their transfer and during their whole assignment
Our assistance is to provide the necessary information and completing reporting obligations for employees (expatriates, secondees) on assignment from France or to France.
We work with foreign correspondents to ensure compliance with the different legislations applicable and that the assignment is consistency processed either in the home and the host countries.

Tax meetings: arrival to France, departure from France, return to France at the end of the assignment

The purpose of these meetings is clarifying and advising on the tax situation of the employees: tax residency, countries where the income is taxable, tax formalities to be complied with at departure and during the whole assignment. Social security issues are also discussed (applicable social security regime, consequences on benefits).
The employees receive the necessary information so that they can be in full compliance with the tax legislation applicable and can anticipate the coming tax obligations.

The tax meeting allows companies to receive confirmation of the tax residency position and taxation of their employees on assignment so that they can ensure the right social and tax treatment.

Registration with the tax authorities and request for an individualized tax rate

When arriving or returning from expatriation in France, employees do not have or no longer have a tax rate corresponding to their situation. We assist employees to complete the necessary formalities on their behalf in order to obtain a tax number from the tax authorities if they do not have one, and calculate and ask to the tax services a tax rate corresponding to their family situation and to the level of their income.

Preparing income tax returns, wealth tax returns (new IFI)

Depending on the clients preferences, the tax preparation assistance goes from a briefing regarding the reporting rules applicable (generally followed by an e mail confirming the different topics discussed) to a complete preparation and filing of the tax return on behalf of the employee.

Follow-up regarding tax payments

We may provide the instructions for payment of the different tax liabilities, if necessary.

Follow-up with the tax administration in case of tax audits

As international assignment situations sometimes generate wrong computation of the tax liability and audits, we assist our clients in dealing with the tax administration in these cases.