About us

Our firm was created in 2007 by lawyers from French firms belonging to well-known international networks. After a long experience gained within these structures, we wanted to create an independent structure dedicated to our field of expertise.

Our approach
  • A global answer: the field of international mobility is at the crossroads of different legal specialties (tax, social, immigration, etc.), accountancy and payroll, both in France and abroad, we are able to bring global expertise to issues related to mobility;
  • concrete solutions: beyond legal analyzes, we provide clear and practical answers to the issues raised;
  • proximity : We remain available permanently and quickly.


Elisabeth Toffaloni

Elisabeth Toffaloni is co-founder and partner of Global Tax Network SELARL.

She has been working for more than 20 years in international business (tax, social security, labor law). She holds a postgraduate degree in tax law and business law (DESS), a diploma as a Corporate Business Lawyer (DJCE) and a labor law certificate, Elisabeth gained 10 years of professional experience in the mobility departments of PwC and Mazars, before starting an autonomous activity dedicated exclusively to the international mobility in 2004.

Elisabeth regularly speaks at conferences related to mobility (in France and abroad) and provides training to her clients or training organizations.

Pascal Banchereau

A lawyer with a degree in tax law, Pascal has over 20 years of professional experience in the international mobility departments of renowned law firms, before joining Elisabeth and jointly creating GLOBAL TAX NETWORK in 2007. 

Pascal teaches at the University of Cergy and regularly works as a trainer in training organizations (EFE, Francis Lefebvre Formations, Elegia).

Our clients

Our clients are companies of any size (from the small companies start-ups to the multi-nationals), French or foreign, private individuals contacting us on a personal basis. Our business partners Issues related to mobility in various technical areas of law and accounting, and requiring expertise.

Internationally :

We work in close relationships with law firms and accountants to provide a comprehensive response to all records: Internationally : We work with partners that we have experienced over the years, able to provide assistance tailored to each request. In partnership with the GTN network, we are able to offer qualified correspondents in over 90 countries worldwide.

In France :

In addition to our internal expertise, we work regularly in France with :

  • lawyers specializing in corporate law;
  • corporate tax law, labor law (labor courts);
  • immigration law, accountants and payroll firms.