A law firm dedicated to fiscal and social mobility management

Member of an international affiliation of independent professionals specialized in international mobility, we are able to support our clients in France and abroad.​​​​​​​

We deal with the legal and tax issues related to international transfers of staff from companies of all sizes. We act as advisers prior to each mobility, and support companies and their employees throughout mobility for setting up contracts, calculating remuneration, payroll, tax and social formalities to be carried out and relations with administrations.

We also assist individuals in dealing with their tax situation.

The issues related to international mobility touch on a wide variety of areas of law and accounting (personal taxation, corporate taxation, labor law, social security and social protection, immigration, accounting and payroll).
Our approach is intended to be multidisciplinary and we rely on experts from each discipline to provide a global response to the issues raised. We thus have a network of correspondents both in France and abroad.


We advise various companies ranging from the small company with a couple of international assignees to large and multinational companies having a comprehensive international assignment policy.

We assist employees on international assignment either from France or to France prior to their transfer and during their whole assignment.

Our assistance is to provide the necessary information and completing reporting obligations.

Any foreign company posting employees in France is subject to compliance with a number of French labor law provisions and declarative obligations. He must in particular designate a representative on the national territory.
We provide professional training sessions mainly in the international assignment field. Being officially recorded as professional training organism, we provide training sessions designed depending on our client’s needs.


We directly assist individuals in the review of tax situations, social and tax optimization, and also in French law advice for a choice of the most appropriate structures to set up in France and minimize costs.



« We have developed in France and in the world a network of independent professional services firms specializing in global mobility tax consulting for corporate and private clients. We are able to assist clients with international tax planning and compliance in over 90 countries. »